Creating detailed asset profiles with MACO ASSETS is simple. Each assets profile includes the name of asset, date of purchase, cost centre, location, project to which the asset is mapped etc. The asset can be classified as depreciable or non-depreciable. Users can specify details of warranty, insurance, usage licenses, maintenance schedule etc. for each asset. All data is stored on secure cloud servers and can be easily accessed from any computer or mobile device at the click of a button.


    Track allocation and re-allocation of assets to employees. The list of employees can be uploaded in an excel. Once assets are allocated, employees can be notified via e-mail. Users can view which assets are allocated to which employees, and which employee has how many assets.

    Our solution can also track asset transfers between locations, between cost-centers and between projects. This feature is extremely useful for organizations that have presence in multiple locations. MACO ASSETS has the capability to distinguish between an inter-state and intra-state transfer. For location transfers, our system can also generate the requisite gate pass and delivery challans.


    In 2013, Government of India mandated a change in Companies Act according to which every organization needs to maintain detailed records of when the asset was purchased and map each asset to correct depreciation rates. The new ruling makes MACO ASSETS relevant to all organizations more than ever. The software can calculate daily, monthly or yearly depreciation in accordance with Companies Act (SLM and WDV) and IT Act (WDV). With correct depreciation applied, calculation of profit and loss on sales & disposal of assets is easier and simplified. Overseas clients can also customize the depreciation ruleset to adapt to the book-keeping rules of their region.


    Most organizations follow a system of physical auditing of assets, which is time consuming and involves significant manhours. With MACO ASSETS, organizations can automate the entire process of asset auditing by tagging assets with bar code, QR code or RFIDs. The bar codes and QR codes can be easily generated by our software. Using the mobile phone as scanner, users can scan the codes and complete the audit process in significantly reduced time. As assets are scanned, asset details are tracked and updated in real-time in the software. Managers can also view the time at which an asset was scanned, thereby remotely monitoring the amount of time it took for the auditor to audit each asset. The software allows for capturing the asset image during auditing and including additional details such as auditors comments and remarks.


    Most organizations use a separate software to keep track of servicing and maintenance schedules of the assets. MACO ASSETS has solved the problem by integrating a servicing and maintenance module in which each asset is mapped to its warranty, AMC, license, insurance and servicing schedule. Users can define asset wise service co-ordinators, service & maintenance turn-around-time and raise tickets that can be approved by concerned authority. Extensions of warranty, AMC and service can be easily managed from the system.


    We have created an interactive and graphical dashboard that can elaborate every possible asset information and present it for consumption by key decision makers of the management. A smart search panel allows managers to search for any report on the basis of any criteria. The dashboard is also accessible on mobile phone. MACO ASSETS also allows managers to create users and define authentication and access rights. A detailed list of reports that managers and users can access for asset lifecycle management is as follows.


    The feature makes is easier for organizations with multiple offices or branches to manage asset purchase, restocking or refilling requests. All employees, irrespective of their location, can raise a request for asset purchase to the head office. The approving authorities get a notification instantly and can take necessary action. Once a request is approved, MACO ASSETS can automate the entire procurement process starting from inviting quotations from vendors to closing a purchase order.