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Annual Maintenance Charges

20% of final cost of product after addition of extra assets, companies and users.

20% of Cost 20% of Cost 20% of Cost 20% of Cost 20% of Cost
Graphical Dashboard

The dashboard is a vital real-time data monitoring and collation tool bringing together key performance indicators and metrics of your assets.

Smart Search Panel

The smart search panel is an advanced search tool to find, filter, sort and select relevant data based on multiple criteria.

Bulk Asset Import from Excel

Hassle free uploading of bulk data using the Excel import feature.

Role Based Access Control

Administrators can assign page specific read / write access to users.

Asset Profile Creation

An asset profile is a standard criteria for defining your asset types and their corresponding books. These values are used as default when additional assets are added to the system. Fields in an asset profile include asset cost, type, category, sub-category, cost-center, location, group, depreciation rate etc.

Asset Sale / Disposal

The depreciation of a fixed asset is recorded up to the date of sale or disposal, after which it is removed from active use.

Asset Allotment to Staff

Assets can be alloted to employees. The module records list of assets alloted, date of allotment and duration of allotment.

Asset Transfer to Location / Cost Center

To record the transfer an asset from one location or cost center to another and generate delivery challan or gate pass.

Asset Service & Maintenance

To maintain service and maintenance records like warranty, insurance, annual maintenance charges and predefined maintenance work. Adminstrators are notified as a deadline approaches with the listed tasks.

Asset Theft & Abscond

To report an asset as damaged, lost, stolen etc. in the books.


Depreciation and projected depreciation calculation for assets as per Companies Act and I.T. Act

Comp. Act & I.T. Act I.T. Act Comp. Act & I.T. Act Comp. Act & I.T. Act Comp. Act & I.T. Act
Depreciation Reversal

In the scenario that assets were sold or disposed, but the users forgot to update the books in the module - the discrepancy can be fixed by reversing the depreciation for that particular asset.

Depreciation Adjustment

In the scenario that there is an error at the time of onboarding due to mismatch in pre-existing books and depreciation calculated in the module (usually due to human error in pre-existing books) - depreciation in the module can be manually adjusted to match with the entries in the pre-existing books.

Asset Tag Generation

Generation of tags (barcodes / QR codes) from the software. The tags are later used for physical audits.

Physical Audit

Audits can be done in the software to determine asset stock, their location and their physical status - compared with the fixed asset register (FAR)

Audit Planning

Audits can be programmed. Admins first select the date for audit, then they decide which group of assets needs to be audited (location, category etc.) and the percentage of assets in the list that have to be audited. The system generates a list from the selected assets which is updated as the operators start performing the physical verification.

Mobile Application for Physical Audits

The mobile application lets you perform physical verification by acting as a reader for barcodes and QR codes and auto generates physical audit reports

Asset Tracking System

Asset movement from one location / cost center to another is tracked using barcodes / QR codes / RFID tags. Asset transfer can be recorded manually as well. Transfer updates are shown on the dashboard.

Staff Security Check-in (RFID)

It's a difficult and time consuming process to check every employee as they exit the workplace. RFID scanners let you scan employee badges and scan bag for any assets tagged with RFID tags. All relevant details regarding the assets and employees shows up on the screen attached at security check point.

Asset Inventory Purchase & Stock Control

End to end module for procurement from Requisition > Quotation > Cost Comparision > Approvals > Purchase Order Generation > Goods Receipt. All assets are directly updated to the asset module.

Material Receipt Note (MRN)

MRN is a module to receive asset inventory at the security gate. The operator receiving the assets can get a list of items by entering the purchase order number into the system.After mating the list with the delivery received, he can then generate and issue the MRN. The consignment is then transferred to respective department along with MRN through the Asset Tranfer feature.


Budgeting allows to define a budget for a particular category or department of assets to cap how much money can be spent in a financial year.

AD Integration

Active Directory integration allows the users to login in to Assets directly without having to create the user in the application

ERP Integration

1-way integration with Oracle to integrate and import your information to Maco Assets.

RFID Integration

The application seamlessly integrates with RFID tags. RFID scanning can be used for Asset Tracking, Staff Security Check-in and Physical Audits. All reports are generated automatically.

General Reports

Generate comprehensive and informative inventory, employee or audit reports enough to help improve strategic decisions within the business.

Mobile App for Management Reporting

Administrators can keep track of reports on their mobile application as well.

MIS Custom Reporting

Every business has different needs and one template often doesn not fit all. We can work with you to generate the reports that you need for managing your assets.

Reports in Multiple Currencies

Reports can be extracted in any currency depending on the requirement, especially useful for corporations with branches in multiple countries.

Free Live Web Training Session

We provide 2 free live web training sessions via video conferencing or remote desktop manager tools.

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Assisted Onboarding

Apart from support from your account manager and tech support and subject to availability of support staff and feasibility of project, we also provide assisted onboarding facilities for selected clients.

As per requirement As per requirement As per requirement
Assisted Asset Tagging and Physical Audit

Subject to availability of support staff and feasibility of project, we provide assistance in asset tagging and auditing for selected clients.

As per requirement As per requirement As per requirement